Welcome to Natural Fiber Works!

We are a family owned and operated full service fiber mill located in Southeast Michigan. We do custom fiber processing for Alpaca, Llama, Sheep, fiber Goats. We can process 100% Alpaca Huacaya. For Suri fiber, we recommend adding wool or huacaya.

We have decided to sell our fiber processing mill.

The entire mill package includes everything you will need to start your own fiber processing mill!

1. Our current customer information
2. Skirt Table
3. Tumbler
4. 3 basin stainless steel sink
5. Washing Machine
6. MK Machine Large Carder
7. Belfast Mini Mill Rug Yarn Maker
8. Belfast Mini Mill Felter
9. Warner Swasey Pin-drafter model M3680
10.Saco-Lowell Spinster Model SM-12F
11. Skein Winder
12. drying racks
13. scale
14. folding tables

We are asking $90,000 for it. Let me know if you would like more information on it.

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